Florida Bar Giving Away Free Beer Until UCF Wins

Can’t imagine how this bar’s making money, or how UCF hasn’t shut them down.

Last year, The Basement in Orlando, Florida gave away 15,000 free bars as UCF went winless. Now, they’ve brought it back again, and it could be another 15,000.

South Carolina State in the first week’s their best chance to break this streak, and stop the free beer. Because after that, it’s Michigan and then a bunch of teams that worked them last year.

Personally, if I was on the Knights, this would cause me to transfer. Leave the school. Adios bitches. Because your fan base is rooting against you. UCF’s not like Bama where people care more about football than anything. Students at UCF would much rather have free beer for the next 12 weeks than a good football team, right?

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