NCAA Football Game Making a Comeback

Put me on the record saying NCAA Football ’09 (with Darren Mcfadden on the cover if you had an xbox) is a top 3 sports game of all time. Like, up there with the Mike Vick Madden, and the Blake Griffin NCAA basketball.

So yeah, I’m pumped if college football makes a comeback to the gaming world. An executive for EA sports came out today to say that “One day, I know we’ll be back” and that the NCAA football and basketball games became “the lightning rod for a bigger issue on whether or not college athletes should be paid”.

Well, yeah, it was the lightning rod because it was one of the most egregious violations that college athletes wanted to see changed. Whether or not you think college athletes should be paid, you can agree that it’s messed up to use somebody’s entire image and brand, and make money off of it without giving them anything. Kinda goes against everything we’re bout in the States.


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