Nah, Penn State Shouldn’t Honor Joe Paterno This Season

Today Penn State announced that at their September 17th game, they’ll honor the old ball coach with a “commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Coach Joe Paterno – Activities during the game will take place to commemorate Joe Paterno’s first game as the head football coach at Penn State — September 17, 1966.”

Nah, probably not a good idea.

Everything in me wants to like Joe Paterno. Old Italian guy, hardcore football coach that preached the importance of coaching the entire person, not just the athlete. But he covered up child rape for what seems like 40 years. And that’s impossible to look past, no matter how many wins or championships or NFL players he had. Especially right when Penn State was starting to move past JoePa?? Why are you bringing that back? Why are you giving idiots like us a chance to bring it back up?


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