Johnny Manziel to the Vikings, Not as Crazy of a Proposal as it Seems

Ok just listen, hear me out. Manziel is under investigation for domestic assault and he is constantly in the news for being on a drug bender or hungover somewhere crazy. However all that aside, a lot to put aside I know, trust me I know, Minnesota is screwed at the quarterback position. Teddy Bridgewater is down with an ACL injury and your starting QB is Shaun Hill. Shaun “F%*cking” Hill. That alone should let me at least bring up the subject.

Let’s go back though. On draft day Johnny Manziel was almost a Viking. Like really close. The Vikings tried to trade up to number 22 but the Eagles didn’t think the Viking’s offer was worth it. Mike Zimmer and the whole staff liked Manziel enough to trade up to draft him. Though to be fair the character issues were big enough that they didn’t give up a ransom to get Manziel. That being said, you can get that same guy right now for the absolute minimum. You can pay this kid less than your backup kicker and see how things go. And that’s exactly what the Vikings should do.

I don’t think I need to convince anyone of how awful the Browns organization is and continues to be. I firmly believe Cleveland ruined Johnny by not making him the starter and letting him do whatever he wants. That garbage GM, coach, front office, training staff, PR all let Manziel go off the deep end. I honestly believe if you gave this kid a second chance with a no nonsense coach like Mike Zimmer, we can actually see if Manziel is an NFL quarterback.

There is only major upside to signing Johnny if you are the Vikings. Like I said before, the Vikings wanted Manziel and were almost willing to pay a ransom for him. You can now pay him the minimum. Shaun Hill is your quarterback, enough said. Manziel fits into your game plan more than Shaun Hill, as Manziel is more mobile and elusive than Hill. Plus you can’t convince me that Hill is a better player than Manziel. Also, if were being honest, Bridgewater really did nothing as the quarterback anyways. He was a glorified handoff machine to AP.

Last season Bridgewater threw for 3,200 yards, 14 TD’s, and 12 interceptions. In 2015 in the seven games Manziel played, he threw for 1,461 yards, 7 TD’s, and 5 interceptions. If you extend that to a full 16 games you get a total of 3,340 yards, 16 TD’s and 11 interceptions. A better season than Bridgewater had. But the opponenets? Well in the seven games Manziel played he faced: Jets, Titans, Cardinals, Bengals, Steelers, 49ers, Seahawks, and Chiefs. Only the Titans and 49ers didn’t make the playoffs. That strength of schedule that Manziel had to face, with the Cleveland talent pool, would extend to a better season than Bridgewater just had. If you give Manziel the Vikings defense, a ridiculous running game in AP, and a bevy of good wide receivers in Treadwell, Diggs, and Charles Johnson; is it crazy to think that Manziel could find success?

I don’t think it’s at all crazy. The kid is a football player at the end of the day. He got caught up in the rockstar lifestyle. However there’s an even better part to the entire situation. A ESPN source that talked to Johnny Manziel said that he promised to stay sober and get his life back in order after the 3rd of July. A weird timing as the 4th was the day after but so far we have heard nothing but silence from the Manziel camp that is bad. He is still flashy on instagram, rapping along to Drake and attending parties. However we haven’t seen him get into any trouble and the source close to Manziel said “He sounds good”. The latest I could find on Manziel was he was seen boarding a plane to Dallas. That could mean two things. He is heading back to his family’s house in the Dallas area or he got a call from a team with stars on their helmets. If the Cowboys are hot on Manziel after Romo went down, that could be the extra kick in the butt to pull the trigger on signing Manziel.

If all of that doesn’t convince you to give Johnny another shot all I have to say is: SHAUN F&*%lNG HILL???!?!?!?!?!


One thought on “Johnny Manziel to the Vikings, Not as Crazy of a Proposal as it Seems

  1. I was just checking the Free agent market and I saw Manziel and couldn’t agree more. Looking for any talk about this, I did a google search and found your article. I agree! I’t looks like they are going to resign Sorenson (Another Looser). Id even be happier if we grabbed Vic’s old ass!


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