One Pro Day, and Tebow’s Got Similar Numbers to Bryce Harper, Derek Jeter, Carlos Correa, and Kris Bryant

Tim Tebow would have to die to not get, at the least, a minor league contract at this point. Will he be in the MLB some day? Nah, probably not. Don’t really get why people are trying to step in front of his dreams though.

Anyways, the numbers come in, and it’s actually impressive. He ran the same 60 yard dash as Bryce Harper and Derek Jeter (6.65 seconds) (No clue what relevance that has but alright). He belted 430 foot homeruns.

And he got an Adidas contract? A multi-year contract? Like he’s Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa? God bless him I guess.

No, seriously, God blessed him. He loves Tebow more than the rest of us.


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