Kaepernick’s Getting Exactly What He Wants

Best thing about America is that almost everything you have the freedom to do, you also have the freedom not to do.

You have the freedom to practice any religion you want, but you also don’t have to practice any religion. You have the freedom to stand proudly and declare your allegiance to the flag of our great country. And then the transverse is true, and that’s what people have missed about this situation.

I think it’s stupid for Kaepernick to disrespect the national anthem in that manner. If he doesn’t want to be a part of it, he should go in the locker room to protest. Sitting there takes away the moment from the people who that means a lot to. Which is where the issue comes in in my mind: you don’t have to pledge allegiance or sing the national anthem, but don’t take that very special thing away from the people who feel strongly about it. I get his point, that for some people it doesn’t feel like a “nation for all”. I’m on board there. But aren’t there better ways to protest that? Isn’t there activism to be done out in the real world, not just in the football arena? Again, there’s just better ways for Kaepernick to make his point. Start a blog about it instead man. Seriously, they let anyone have one of these and you can write anything you want.

But Kap gets what he wants in this situation: people talking. Athletes have that unique stage, and he’s not wrong to use it to try and bring some good. You don’t have to like that freedom of his to not sing the national anthem, but you have to respect the freedom.

Final note, just seems interesting Kap’s starting his activism as his career tanks. Never knew he was so passionate about this issue during the Super Bowl run.



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