Have Yourself a Day Mike Everitt

It can be called a good or bad day for an umpire when they eject players or coaches from a ball game.  Last night Mike Everitt had one of those days as he ejected four Detroit Tigers’ in their game last night with the Los Angeles Angles.

In Saturday nights game, Everitt who is a well respected umpire around the league had himself an off day in the eyes of the Tigers.  Detroit was baffled with Everitt’s strike zone the entire night which led to the ejections of Victor Martinez and J.D. Martinez.  Manager Brad Ausmus and hitting coach Wally Joyner also got tossed trying to defend their hitters.

Everitt had only ejected two mangers this season entering Saturday nights game.  Only one other time this season an umpire ejected four people from a game, that being Dale Scott which came in a Rangers and Blue Jays game back in May.  For those of you who might be part of an Umpire Ejection Fantasy League, Everitt and Scott are now tied for most ejections this season with six a piece.


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