UK’s Derek Willis Passes Out While Drunk Driving, Falls Out of Car, Gets Arrested, Won’t Get Suspended by Cal

Must be great to play at a top tier program where you don’t have consequences for your actions.

Back in June, Derek Willis was arrested on charges of public intoxication, after police found him pulled over in Union, KY, hanging out of the driver’s door of his car that was on. It takes 7 police officers/EMTs to get him on his feet and into a cop car. Some Cincinnati news sleuths got the dashcam video, and it’s weird to watch. First thought was that he was dead. You be the judge:

Try to go on YouTube and find this video, and all you get is the edited version by BBN basketball sites that cut out a minute or so of the emergency officials trying to wake up Derek Willis’s drunk self. What you just watched up there is that, and to get the full effect of how messed up Willis was, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THE FULL VERSION HERE.

Comes back to light this week as Coach Cal says Willis will face no suspension from the team for his actions. I’ve always felt that Cal got a bad rap. He bends the rules everywhere he goes, but he seems like a Belichick that’s going to keep doing it as long as people let him, but wouldn’t be pissed if they changed some rules. But this isn’t a good luck. When even a backup like Derek Willis is getting star treatment? Gotta be better. Gotta expect better. Gotta demand better. Athletes on scholarship should live up to a higher standard than the rest of us, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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