TMZ Sabotages Ezekiel Elliot’s Debut With Weed Store Video

“It’s not good. It’s just not good.”

Those were Jerry Jones’ words on Thursday, when asked about a video TMZ posted of Cowboy running back Ezekiel Elliot at a weed shop in Seattle. TMZ said that Elliot didn’t buy anything, but was just there with friends looking around.

I can’t blame TMZ for running the story, because this is what they do. But it’s not a story. It’s an NFL guy making the right decision for once. He’s not in some guy’s weed shop in his apartment. They’re looking around a relatively popular weed store, looking around at things that they find interesting. And once again, Elliot makes the right decision, and doesn’t buy anything.

But then you turn on ESPN, and get Ed Werder declaring it a problem, and questioning his judgement, and you’d think he got caught pushing bricks like Sam Hurd. If you think any football player didn’t smoke weed in college, you’re naive. The smart ones are the ones that stop when it’s in season, or time to play. And Ezekiel Elliot’s clearly one of those players, that’s dedicated to his career and his team.

Absolute non-story, but thanks for reading my story on it.



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