Post-Rio Update: Polish Discus Thrower Sells Silver Medal to Save Kid with Cancer

Piotr Malachowski. Remember that name.

You didn’t watch him during the Olympics. His event wasn’t sexy. If he walked into your house, you wouldn’t guess he’s an Olympian. But he might be the best thing to come out of Rio.

A 3 year old from Piotr’s hometown suffered from retinoblastoma, a rare rare rare form of eye cancer (only 200 kids are diagnosed in the U.S.), that has to be treated immediately, before the cancer spreads out of his eye, and into his brain.

Well, as these things go, treatment’s expensive as hell. Like, $130,000 expensive as hell. Piotr, being some sort of an angel, started raising money through a Polish charity. His goal was to get the family at least $86,000, and they were a third of the way there. At which point, he had to make the hard decision, to sell what was most valuable to him, his silver medal, for something more valuable, a child’s life.

Prices had risen to $19,000 online, before Piotr took it down, and announced that a few Polish billionaires stepped up, bought his silver medal, and would be paying any of the medical costs for the kid. Kind of wish they would’ve just let the guy keep his medal, and pay for the medical services out of having a heart.

Either way, thanks Piotr, for showing the power that athletes have, in every corner of the world.


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