Will Joey Bosa Ever Play Football?

On the day that Justin Blackmon was sentenced for his DUI, another high rated prospect began the process of throwing away his career.

I wouldn’t want to play on the Chargers d-line either. It’s going to be a long season for their whole time. Especially hard if I was used to playing at a perennial powerhouse in college.

But I’m not being offered millions of dollars to do it. Oh, and I also don’think I’m the goat.

But Joey Bosa thinks he’s the best football player to ever come out of college. When in reality, he’s just a very good prospect. Who missed games last year for weed. So thinking you deserve the biggest contract in rookie history? Absurd. Chargers aren’t going to get done dirty like that again, so they’re not going to trade Bosa any time soon. And thus, Joey Bosa’s time has come and gone. Some high school team’s already making their pitch to get Joey as their JV o-line coach.



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