White Sox to Rename US Cellular Field

Comiskey Park* if you know what’s good for you.

So what are they changing it too? Back to Comiskey? South Side Park? Chance chimed in with what he thinks it should be:

Nope. They sold themselves to Guarenteed Rate, an insurance agency out of Chicago. Which is by far, the least exciting, least sexy name in the history of Chicago Sports. Rex Grossman stadium would’ve gotten a better reaction from Sox fans.

I get you’ve got to get your money, especially as a franchise that’s losing money to the North-Siders. Plus, I don’t think US Cellular’s even a company any more, so it was time for that name to go. But Guarenteed Rate’s logo is literally an arrow pointing down. Symbolizing the fate of the White Sox franchise? Something like that. See how Twitter reacted to the change:


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