U.S. Soccer Needs to Relax

It has been reported that goalkeeper Hope Solo will be suspended six months because of her comments at the Olympics.  According to ESPN, Solo’s comments were deemed “unacceptable and do not meet the standard of conduct we require from our National Team players.”

After the U.S. Women’s soccer team was eliminated by Sweden, Solo went on to say that the Sweden team was “a bunch of cowards.”

These comments have brought many to conversation on how Solo is considered a sore loser.  This is now her second suspension on the U.S. National team, as back in 2015 she was suspended for an incident at a team practice.

If anything these comments show me that Solo is a competitor.  She has throughout her career been a very vocal athlete, whether it be on the field or through working for more equal rights for women.  She isn’t afraid to be criticized for doing and saying what she believes, which I don’t think we see enough in women’s athletics.  The USWNT Players Association said they will be filing an appeal on Solo’s behalf.  Lets hope this appeal will lift the six month suspension that shouldn’t have been given to the goalkeeper.


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