Raiders File Vegas Raiders Trademark

Right when they get good, the Raiders are going to tear away this franchise from Oakland.

Via Forbes, the owners of the Raiders have filed the paperwork to get the trademark for the Las Vegas Raiders name, among a few other Las Vegas things. So there’s no doubt that they’ll be gone in the near future.

Why are they moving? Why would you want to leave an infamous fan base? Because that fan base continues to not go to games. The Raiders are consistently last in ticket revenue, which then puts them 31st in team valuation, only ahead of Buffalo. And it’s not like Californians don’t have the money. Because Oracle Arena’s a one minute walk from where the Raiders play, and they sell out every night. But they don’t have to compete with the Niners 30 minutes away. Instead, their closest competition’s the Kings, an hour and a half out.

It’s on you Raiders fans, to start showing up and patronizing that team. Either way, they’re probably gonzo soon.


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