Paxton Lynch Reportedly Is Already Way Above Sanchez and Siemian In Every Way

The news surround Bronco’s camp has been 100% all about the quarterbacks. Is it Mark Sanchez who fumbled twice in the preseaon already? Is it the new kid on the block in Trevor Siemian, who reportedly has looked very good in camp? Hell Siemian is even poised to start the ever important 3rd preseason game, where we get a look at real starter vs starter football. But one thing is missing, the first round pick, Paxton Lynch. Where is he in all of this mess.

Well according to Pro Football Weekly and their sources, Paxton Lynch is already miles ahead of the other two quarterbacks. What the strategy seems to be at this point is to let the kid get more time to get a mastery of the offense. Oh and uh miss the brutal opening schedule that the Broncos face. It would be good for the kid to not come out and face the Panthers, Bengals, and Colts. That seems to be the take right now for the Broncos. Bring him out and unleash him week 4 against the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

All in all, I’m not mad at the plan. Hell it’s going to take all of Mark Sanchez to show Broncos fans that Paxton Lynch is really the answer. It wouldn’t be hard for any of us writing at this site to look pretty damn good following up the Sanchize facing two of the top 5 defenses from last year out the gate. Personally if I’m the Broncos and I look at my schedule, I’m bringing out Lynch as soon as possible. My defense can’t be as good as last year’s and the teams around us just got better. The Bronco’s may look back and regret not playing Lynch who could steal this team a win they might desperately need for playoff seeding next year.


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