Buccaneers Fans Rightfully Boo

The second round kicker Roberto Aguayo has struggled to say the least in his early NFL career.  The Florida State Seminole who was a stud in college, was only the second kicker to be picked in the second round of the NFL draft since Mike Nugent back in 2005.

The rookie kicker has not had a very smooth transition into the Buccaneers organization.  To most people, and especially the Buccaneers faithful, if a kicker gets picked in the second round we expect a guy who has an absolute boot.  His college numbers showed it as he was 198-198 on extra points and missed a total of only nine field goal attempts in three years.

Through his first two preseason games, Aguayo has missed two field goals and an extra point.  The struggles continued yesterday afternoon in a joint practice with the Cleveland Browns.  In the practice he went 3 of 6 as he missed one of the field goals so badly it led to boos from the Tampa Bay fans.

This really couldn’t be a worse situation for the Buccaneers who already had their fans pissed off they picked a kicker in the second round.  Its made things a lot worse that the Aguayo struggles continue and only seem to be getting worse.  Being a kicker in the NFL isn’t an easy task and is a very underrated part of the game.  With that being said, the rookie better try a different pair of shoes to step up his game because there are a list of other guys who can kick the ball through the uprights.


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