Relive the Greatness of Rio: Kayak Couches, Diver Intercourse, Fake Vomit Robberies, and More

I just miss the Olympics so much already. Me and the Olympics had a good thing going. They’d make me laugh, I’d give them ratings. To see them go was emotional.

Not even the sports aspect, but what happened outside the arena. Which was better comedy than any show on TV (except New Girl, that’s been my thing lately don’t judge). Let’s look back at what we had:

There was the Chinese Olympian getting fake puked on, then robbed

shi dongpeng

The kayaker flipping over a couch

kayak sofa

Brazilian divers breaking up over a canoer that wanted to spend the night in their room, the night before their finals…

olympic sex thing

Our basketball team hitting up a brothel…on “accident”

rio hoops brothel

How soft the Dutch delegation was over a little partying…

van gelder olympics

That nasty algae in the pool

olympic algae

Lochte…Stupid ass Lochte…

ryan lochte

Russian female wrestlers getting two pieced after losses

russian wrestler

Naked Mongolians

Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 65 kg Bronze

Face eating wrestlers


Pissing Kenyan coaches

john anzrah olympics

Literal garbage fires

dumpster fire

And that Tongan flag bearer

tongan flag bearer

I’ll miss you Rio, more than you’ll ever understand



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