RIO UPDATE: Ripped Tongan Flag-Bearer Might be Saving the World

Personally, I don’t like the male body being objectified like this. Not to say that me and the rest of the Crossover Report boys don’t look like that, but we don’t look like that. More hair. Too much information? Off to a hot start.

But what’s come out now, as Pita Taufatofua made another glistening appearance at the closing ceremonies, is that he might just be the best person in the entire world. Lowkey saving the world and whatnot, while also fighting Olympic-level Taekwondo. Read this quote from Pita:

“I look after homeless kids,” Taufatofua said. “We have kids who are suicidal, who have anxiety or depression, and I help them with whatever problems they have. I’ve talked kids off jumping off bridges. All the problems that they have growing up that make them homeless … it’s very challenging.”

He heard from some of those homeless kids during the Olympics, along with some formerly homeless kids who are now adults. He has been working as a counselor for 12 years, so he has seen them grow up. As you can imagine, they were surprised to see their counselor become an international sensation.

Dudes can think “oh, I’ll never be able to get on that level of manhood”. Fact. Hell of a burden, though, to take off your shoulders.


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