Rio Update: American wrestler beats Ukraine cannibal

Yes, the headline is just plain weird. But i think weird is a good way to describe everything that went down in Rio, i.e. Ryan Lochte and  Mongolia’s coaches  just to name a couple. So to continue with the “weird” trend, basically American wrestler Frank Molinaro was beating Andriy Kvyatkovskyy(ridiculous last name)  of Ukraine the whole match. Than Molinaro had him in some cool leg lock/arm bar and Kvyatkovskyy brought out the chompers to break free.

So is the guy a Cannibal probably not, but are we 100% sure he’s not?  We can leave that one to the readers interpretation. As an American the move was dirty and he should’ve been disqualified, just bad sportsmanship. Yet a little part of me is thinking, you gotta do what you gotta do in the Olympics. His back was against the wall and he saw 4 years of hard work slipping away so he did what he did. I’ve been in too many fights with older siblings to play the what’s “fair” game in fighting. Anything goes biting, scratching, and most importantly telling mom does count and can be the most effective form of weakening  an opponent.


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