Jerry Colangelo: Rest of the World Should Stop Sucking

Despite a couple close calls, Team USA’s gold medal never really seemed in doubt. And that’s with dudes like Kyle Lowry and Draymond Green playing, not even Lebron or CP3.

Which is why things were boring. We weren’t even throwing a bunch of oops and stuff. Barely trying. And still walked away with the gold. Then people come out with the “USA ruins this event for the rest of the world” thing.

We should send college guys. Hell, high school guys. Would still walk over the competition. Jerry Colangelo’s solution to the lack of competition?

“Other countries should get their acts together”

Spoken like a true Chicago Heights boy, Jerry. It’s the same as the Geno Auriemma-UCONN argument. Can’t blame people for being good.




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