South Bend Sadness: 6 ND Football Players Arrested Overnight

If you’ve ever been to South Bend not on a football Saturday, you know it’s as rural as rural can be. Not a lot to do on a Friday night.


Two separate incidents. The first involved senior CB Devin Butler, who got arrested for felony battery and resisting arrest while out on the “town”. And then the big incident: 5 players, all charged with possession of marijuana (LB Te’von Coney, CB Ashton White), and 3 charged with illegal possession of a handgun (S Max Redfield, WR Kevin Stepherson, RB Dexter Williams).

It’s damn near impossible that everybody in that car was possessing weed at the same time. And even more impossible that 3 of them were in possession of one handgun. But when police find weed in the car, and nobody admits or tells whose it is, then everyone gets charged. Or when police find a gun in the backseat, and nobody owns up to whose it is, then everyone in the backseat gets charged.

All against not snitching on your friends, but your true friends wouldn’t put you in a spot where your whole life’s going to be thrown away if you don’t. Your true friend would own up to, at the very least, being the sole possessor of that gun, so that the 3 of you don’t lose your scholarships. Those aren’t true friends, if they’re willing to throw away your entire life just so they don’t feel like the only one that did wrong.

And these are some serious charges. Not just everyone taking ownership for throwing a party, or for doing some hazing. We’re talking felonies. Grown man business. Stuff that can stop you from getting jobs, for a long long long time. The lack of ownership’s the saddest part of this whole story.


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