So uhhh Dak Prescott looks insanely good..

Former Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott took the field for the Dallas Cowboys for the second pre-season game in a row. So far he has thrown more TOUCHDOWNS than INCOMPLETE PASSES. The 4th round draft pick is looking more and more like that 2014 season ,where Miss St was the #1 team in the nation, was anything but a fluke. His poise in the pocket and precision with passing looks NFL ready.

The only thing to caution is preseason is anything but real NFL football. Remember last year the Eagles threw up 43 points on the Packers and Sam Bradford looked like Brady and Manning’s love child. (good luck getting that out of your head.) The stats are mind blowing even for preseason: 22-of-27 for 338 yards, six touchdowns (four passing, two rushing), 0 interceptions.

The best part of all of this? Dez calls Tony Romo a Hall of Famer. Yea let that sink in.. HOF Tony Romo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. Ok now that we got that out of our system, Dez gave major props to Prescott. Dez said something along the lines of you either have it or you don’t and this kid has it. That’s major praise from a stud WR but he also thinks Romo is a Hall of Famer so maybe Dez is just insane. Until Romo passes the torch or get injured for the 50th time, Prescott is only going to have hype but no substances floating around his name. Here’s to hoping the Cowboy’s have an answer at QB.


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