Bama Fires Back at USC’s Troll Shirt with Shot at OJ

Alabama’s that friend that takes things from 0-1,000,000 in 5 seconds. No buffer, just sprinting across the line.

After USC rolled out those “Roll Tears Roll” shirts we covered last week, Bama fans put together every bit of brain power they had, and came up with these gems:

Feels like they’re trying to do too much. First off, why bring in Clemson? Just focus on USC for now. Second, too many words. If you can’t chant it, not the kind of shirt for this spot. Next, OJ Howard’s not a big enough name to throw him on a shirt. And last, it’s not funny enough to go that far for.

“We’re going to beat you in football”

“Yeah, well at least the best player in our history didn’t allegedly brutally murder his girlfriend and another guy”

Whoa whoa whoa. Relax. And go back to the drawing board.


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