4 Rookies that won’t live up to the hype

Now as far as we know Sam Bradford is starting for the Eagles and #2nd overall pick Carson Wentz won’t play. Since we can’t definitively judge Wentz’s ability while sitting on the bench, we can’t call him a bust or not worth the hype. (Though trust me if he was starting he’d be #1) So that’s going to be the criteria right now; sufficient playing time to judge the hype. Lets get started

#1) Vernon Hargreaves CB Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

There’s a reason when you google Vernon Hargreaves that nothing besides the draft comes up. He has been quiet as a mouse in training camp and the preseason. Scouts have compared him to Joe Haden and said that his size and speed could be an issue for him moving into the NFL. Well who is Hargreaves going up against in practice? The monsters in 6’5″ Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. I can guarantee he is getting eaten alive at practice and that’s why we’ve heard so little. He may end up being a solid corner in the NFL but for being just outside of a top 10 pick, he needs to be a stud. He sure as hell isn’t a stud.

#2) Laquon Treadwell WR Minnesota Vikings

Ok so most of our readers are from the Chicago land area and that’s just where Treadwell is from, so most of you are probably pissed at reading this name. Well the good news is that most of the reason Treadwell won’t live up to the hype is because of his god awful QB Teddy Bridgewater. We all know Treadwell is a monster but Bridgewater is horrible for WR’s. Add in the fact that Stefon Diggs and Charles Johnson are ahead of him in the depth chart just kills Treadwells chance at production. Teddy Bridgewater is barely capable of making Stefon Diggs a name in the NFC North. He sure as hell isn’t going to make Treadwell a household name across the country. Treadwell also failed to catch any of his four targets in the last preseason game. Treadwell got thrown into his worst nightmare and he is for sure not going to live up to his hype.


#3) Eli Apple CB New York Giants

When the Giants signed CB Leon Hall, it basically told the story of Eli Apple’s preseason and training camp. The Giants were supposedly happy with their depth and planned on playing their rookies a lot… Well that’s not happening anymore. Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said. “Look Eli has a long way to go. I like what he’s doing but it’s going to be a process.” He also added that Apple will still see the field as “there’s a lot of downs in this league with three, four, WR’s” Read between the lines, Apple is going to play the nickle when teams go four wide. That’s not a lot of trust and time for a 1st round pick. There might be a reason his mom makes headlines more than Apple himself.


#4) Joey Bosa DE San Diego Chargers

I know I said that we should be able to see the players play enough to make a decision and at this moment Bosa hasn’t signed, but for arguments sake, were going to proceed as if Bosa will sign which he will almost certainly do. The take on Bosa can be thrown many ways, but I have to deflect to another site and writer who just phrased it perfectly. Jason La Canfora of CBS said the following in his article:

“How much will Bosa have alienated teammates without ever having practiced with them? How much pressure will be on the Chargers, coming off a 4-12 season, to have this pivotal draft pick, the first non-quarterback selected, make an immediate impact? And, most importantly, will Bosa be able to avoid the almost inevitable outcome for so many rookies who miss the offseason and most of training camp — a muscle or soft tissue injury that takes hold early and cripples their production?”

Jason said it best. Every bad sign outside of already tearing an ACL has shown up from Bosa. He is most likely to be the biggest bust in this year’s draft. Everything up to this point has been a disappointment and I think this one is a boulder falling down a mountain, it ain’t stopping.



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