4 NFL Rookies that will be worth the hype

Ezekiel Elliot RB Dallas Cowboys

Zeke the Freak hasn’t touched the field yet but it might be the safest prediction of them all. It may not be a joke when saying an average joe off the street could put up numbers behind that offensive line in Dallas. Hell Darren McFadden was a good running back behind that line, need I say more?

If what we have seen Zeke do in College translate at all to the NFL, Zeke will be a perennial low risk bet to lead the NFL in rushing yard.  Especially with AP on his last legs. Buy the hype all you can. Zeke the Freak is going to be here for a while. Hopefully though, he doesn’t bring the crop top with him. I think we can all agree that look is awful.


Corey Coleman WR Cleveland Browns

Hype for a Browns player? Yes I know it feels just as weird typing as it probably does for you to read. Coleman also hasn’t touched the playing field as he is dealing with a minor hamstring injury. But Coleman is going to be the best receiver in Cleveland this year, even with Josh Gordan returning to the NFL.

Coleman’s size, speed, and jumping ability makes him the deadliest weapon in Cleveland outside of a Lebron James decision special on ESPN. Just listen to what NFL’s Mike Mayock had to say on Coleman, “Smooth, speedy stems to the post will be difficult to mirror and match for NFL cornerbacks. Easy route adjustments in space. Defenders who try to jam and miss pay the iron price (touchdowns)”.


Michael Thomas WR New Orleans Saints 

Catching passes for Drew Brees is likely to make anyone look good. However the hype coming out of Saints camp was justified in preseason action as Thomas made catch after catch hauling in 4 of his 6 passes for 68 yards. He looked every bit as comfortable as a 10 year vet in the league. The rapport that Brees and Thomas have looks to be solid. Thomas is poised to fill in as the #3 receiver for the Saints but dominate the slot role that former Saints stud Marquess Colston played. Don’t be surprised if Thomas eventually overtakes Willie Snead for the #2 role on the team and become a stud in the endzone as his 6’3″, 213LB self dominates smaller cornerbacks.


Tyler Boyd WR Cincinnati Bengals 

Boyd is an interesting player in that his skill set allows him to play many positions such as RB, return man, slot receiver, and even the occasional QB play. Basically if you have watched the Bengals in the past 3 years, Boyd is a new fresh version of Mohammed Sanu. That really doesn’t give a bright picture of what Boyd can truly become. Boyd has shown in the preseason that he is both capable of winning deep balls down the field and also can make a living in the slot where he scored a touchdown. Right now Boyd is set to be the number 2 WR next to AJ Green. With Tyler Eifert out and Green getting all the attention, Boyd could be poised for a fantastic rookie season. Don’t be surprised if you see him name pop up and pop up frequently when watching the Bengals this year.


Stay tuned as we break down our BUSTS of the rookie class later this week



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