Wait, Brittney Griner Doesn’t Actually Think She Can Beat Boogie in 1 on 1 Right?

While they were boolin on the yacht, Britney Griner said she could beat Demarcus Cousins in one on one. Like a funny jab, fine, move on.

But now, she brought it back up, and she actually thinks she can beat Boogie. While also spotting him points. Not smack talk. Real life.

Not a flattering picture of Boogie, no. Those look like a pair of yoga pants my man.

Some reporters asked around Team USA, and they unanimously said that Boogie would, obviously, work her. Geno Auriemma, head coach of women’s Team USA, said he would “take all the money out of his bank account, sell his house for cash, and put all of that money on Demarcus to win”.

Diana Taurasi took Griner’s side, and she’s the only one in the world. It’s a different ball game. Not to say that men are better than women at life, but the best center in the NBA will forever be better than the best center in the WNBA. Fact, fight me per usual @crossoverreport or @paulielamb if you’re bout it.


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