Tough Offseason for Baylor Continues: WR Caught on Tape Whipping Dog

Baylor’s about to hit a mega-rebuild. Art Briles, gonzo. School pres, gonzo. Sexual assault cases up the wazoo, Baylor thought they were finally moving towards that rebuild.


Disgusting video, uncovered by a Texas news station, of WR Ishmael Zamora whipping his dog. Some D’angelo Russell-acting teammate of his put the scene on Snapchat, with the caption “don’t shit in the house any more”.

Either way you cut it, this is a terrible look for the team and the university. Not that there could ever be good timing for something like this, but this couldn’t have come out at a worse time. Weeks before the season? Right when your image was starting to recover?

Zamora got a $500 fine, and will face some discipline from the team. Eventually. Maybe. He’s still practicing.



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