Josh Brown Only Getting 1 Game Suspension Will KILL NFL

NFL investigated Giants Kicker for 10 MONTHS, amid his ex-wife alleging 20 incidents of domestic abuse against him. And after all of that, 1 game. Because, according to the NFL, “there were no charges, so how could we suspend him more?”

So let’s break down everything wrong with this story. First off, 10 months on an investigation, and saying you can’t find enough evidence to suspend him more, is bonkers. Not because it’s impossible he’s innocent. But because within 48 hours of the suspension announcement, the New York Daily News uncovered an interview between detectives and Brown’s ex-wife, in which she notes 20 separate incidents that Brown assaulted her, 10 times she called the cops, 5 times he threatened to murder her, and the times he pushed her on the ground while she was 6 months pregnant (Brown accused her of getting pregnant on purpose, wacko shit). As well, Brown’s been arrested for assault before, stemming from an incident in college when he shoved his ex-girlfriend onto the sidewalk, before beating up her boyfriend.

Next, if you’re saying there isn’t any evidence of anything wrong, then how do you come to the one-game suspension? Clearly there’s something wrong. And that’s the biggest issue with the NFL’s punishment system. It’s random, and has almost no rhyme or reason to it. They want to say they’re taking it “case by case”, but that means you’re setting yourself up for a fight every single time you make a decision.

And lastly, giving the most lenient sentence possible for something like this to a white kicker will kill the NFL on Twitter. You think Black Sports Online doesn’t have something in their drafts about the NFL being more lenient to white guys? Deray Mckesson’s surely going to be @’ing Roger Goodell all night. Al Sharpton will be outside the headquarters by Monday. The head of punishment (Troy Vincent) being black doesn’t really matter. The optics are terrible for the league, and a race issue isn’t something they need right now.

I’ve always felt that it’s unfair to a lot of guys, especially in college football, when allegations automatically end their careers and kill their image. You see guys losing their scholarships every season in college based on allegations. Because it’s such a hard line to dance on, either way. You cannot cannot cannot sympathize with guys beating up or raping women. That should go without saying. In that sort of instance, you have to take it case by case, and look at the evidence at hand. Even if there aren’t charges. But at the end of the day, somebody can’t be “kinda guilty”. If you’re guilty of any part of it, it should be 4 games. If you’re not, no games.


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