Stay Away from the Lakers, Kobe

Talking with Mike Bresnahan, a bearded Kobe stated how he’s been in contact with new Lakers coach Luke Walton (yeah, I forgot that was a thing too), and would “love to come by” practices. Going further to say he’ll “be there” for those youngsters.

Let me give some advice to both Kobe and the Lakers: stay away from each other. Don’t text, don’t talk, don’t snapchat, whatever else the kids are doing. Get a restraining order against each other.

Because for the Lakers to ever be good again, they’ve got to got to got to move past the Kobe era. You can’t be Pope Francis, and have Pope Benedict still living in the Vatican. Be an outside resource, but let these guys learn for themselves how to do the job. Let D’angelo, Ingram, Julius Randle, and Clarkson learn for themselves, even if that means failing. Because that team’s got the talent (especially with the big Yi Jianlian signing today) to be really really good in a couple of years. They don’t need Kobe telling them how he thinks they should do everything.


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