RG3 Filing For Divorce With New Smoke’s Name Already Tatted on Him

Something in that Cleveland water that really gets these guys juiced up.

The ink was still wet on RG3’s divorce papers when news broke that he’s got his new girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, tatted on his forearm.

Start off with the obvious, Sadeiko’s a smokeshow. From Estonia, the 23 year old’s running track down at Florida State. How did her and RG3 meet? Why would she date him? No way she EVER steps foot in Cleveland, right? These are all important and pertinent questions. Here she is:

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Sadeiko’s been purging her social media since this story broke, but maybe she’ll see @paulielamb requested to follow her on Insta, accept it, and we’ll get some more insight.

This is big for Browns fans, though. Just for the whole atmosphere of the team, it’s a breath of fresh air that somebody still respects RG3 at all. Remember that it took Subway longer to fire Jared than to fire RG3. Here’s the Bobby Griffin tattoo in question.:

rg3 gf tat.png

Clearly, he doesn’t respect the “right arm is for buckets” tattoo rule.



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