Aaron Hernandez Found Today’s Double Murder Trial HILARIOUS

After you’ve already got one life sentence for murder, what’s another couple convictions?

I didn’t want to ever do another Aaron Hernandez article, because he doesn’t count as an athlete any more. This isn’t Mike Vick doing a year. Dude’s in prison for life. So I don’t care if he’s shanking people, or being the lookout on a murder, or even eating butt oranges. Gotta play the prison game.

But this one caught my eyes, and it deserves to be shared. Jose Baez, of noted baby murderer defender fame, got up to introduce himself and his newest client, Aaron Hernandez, at the opening of Hernandez’s double murder trial today. Only problem, Baez introudced Hernandez as “Aaron Rodriguez”. Maybe Baez is real broken up about A-Rod’s retirement. Maybe he’s just salty because he’s not having sex with this client of his. You be the judge:


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