RIO UPDATE: Diving Team Separates (and Places Last) After One Walks in on Other With Canoeist

Lots going on in the title. Every word was necessary, though. Very, very necessary.

Hard bodies and hard bodies have always mixed, and thus, the Olympic Village becomes infamous for having lots of action. We never get stories of what athletes are hooking up with who, though. Which maybe is a great thing, maybe a terrible thing, depending on your own morals. But for an Olympics that hasn’t followed any sort of standards we’re used to, we finally get one of those Olympic Village-sex stories.

Ingrid Oliviera and Giovanna Pedroso, from Brazil, were set to compete in the 10m Synchronized Diving competition finals last Tuesday, and in front of a home crowd, came in dead last. Shortly after the race, the pair announced they’d be splitting, and pursuing individual careers. Folks were confused, but Jezebel and a few local media outlets uncovered the truth: Pedroso had walked in on Oliviera and Brazilian Canoeist Pedro Goncalves.

But that’s not what completely set off Pedroso. The two recommended that she go find somewhere else to sleep for the entire night. Not an hour or so, but the entire night.

Yeah, I’d be pissed too if I’m Pedroso. This isn’t your college roommate asking for the room on a Friday night. It’s your diving partner deciding to force you out of the bed you’ve become comfortable in so that she can use all of her energy in some sort of marathon sex thing, the night before the biggest competition of both of your’s entire lives. The moment you’ve worked your whole life for, she’s more or less throwing away for a canoeist?

Granted, a good looking dude. But he’s to blame too for taking this girl’s attention away from her next event. You couldn’t hold out another, say, 12 hours my man? She’s a beautiful woman, but yeesh show some restraint.

brazil diving team.jpg

Final caviats with this story, Pedroso’s only 17 years old. Not like our audience is stupid enough to think that means she would be scarred for life by seeing some people having sex, but it’s a lot to subject a teenager to.

And last, I don’t want to offend any Brazilians, but the naming there is EXTREMELY confusing. I’m looking up thiis Goncalves fellar, and while I’m getting pictures of a canoer, I’m also finding buddy from The Voice: Portugal. Look on the Brazilian Olympic roster? He’s not on there, but there’s another Pedro that looks just like him, but with a different last name. Somebody explain, thanks.


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