Adele Declined the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Life is Meaningless

All we needed was one piano, one spotlight, and one Adele at midfield. Just picture that.

But noooooo, Paul can’t have aaaaaanything he wants.

Adele came out this weekend, and said that she wouldn’t be doing the Super Bowl because “that’s not a concert”. Whatever that means. Other reports say that Adele was reluctant to perform on such a gigantic stage. Her biggest shows come in around 20,000, nowhere near the 10s of millions that would tune into the Super Bowl. Even though they’re clearly trying to save themselves from looking dumb, the NFL and Pepsi claim no such offer was ever extended to Adele.

Damn, would she have been amazing though. Is there any one who doesn’t like Adele? Like even if she’s not your favorite artist, do people actually dislike her? Those pipes can tug at anybody’s heart strings. For the common good, she would’ve been great. But we’ll end up with Beyonce or  Bruno Mars again, for the 32nd straight year. Pass.


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