Florida Football Uses Boosters to Judge Sexual Assault Cases Against Football Players

We’re no less than 6 months away from Gator football getting some major sanctions against them, as a result of this.

Wide receiver Antonio Callaway and QB Treon Harris were accused of sexual assault by a fellow UF student in 2015. Harris reached a plea deal this offseason, in which he was required to transfer from Flordia (this is Harris’ second sexual assault accusation at UF). Callaway? He got the athlete treatment.

UF decided to bring in “third-party, independent counsel” to hear the case, and come to a ruling. Who’d they pick? Jake Schikel, a Jacksonville-are lawyer. What’s the issue? Schikel’s a huge UF football booster. According to Deadspin, in the club of donors that gives between $6500 and $13,000 each year.

And then coaches, programs, and players will say “I don’t understand why there are all these stereotypes about football programs and football players, none of them are true!” But they continue to be true. They continue to live up EXACTLY to those stereotypes. It’s not like people are pulling these things out of thin air. Football programs go out of their way to protect their star players (Callaway led the team in receiving as a freshman last season), protect their money, and protect themselves. No matter what the facts of the case are. I don’t know if this sexual assault happened. Maybe the woman made it up, maybe it actually happened (Callaway and Harris’ excuse: “We were too stoned to want to have sex with anyone” dear god) But the biggest programs often have no intention of finding out either, and then have the gall to complain the public’s unfairly judging them, when they’re not even fairly judging themselves.


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