There Must Be Some TERRIBLE Blackmail on MJ Out There

For the better part of 30 years, MJ wasn’t a philanthropist. Infamously, he wasn’t a philanthropist. As the kids that looked up to him struggled to get food on their tables, he wasn’t a philanthropist. As Rodney King was beaten on camera, he wasn’t a philanthropist.

But now all of a sudden, 2016 has been the year of MJ philanthropy. He gave a total of $2 million to groups looking to end police-related shootings, and then another $5 million to the museum of African-American history this week. And the biggest surprise of them all, he gave a whole fit of clothes to that guy that dressed up in full MJ gear, and got clowned on Twitter for it.

So after 20+ years, I’m supposed to believe that MJ’s had a change of heart, and all of a sudden wants to do the right thing all the time? It’s not impossible, and it’s not like I want what he’s doing to stop. Because even forced charity helps people out.

But you’ve got to wonder what somebody’s hanging over MJ, or his intentions. Part of it’s most likely a business decision, as guys like Lebron and Steph are stealing the “good guy” market (I’d fight the Steph argument, but I haven’t had enough coffee yet). But you’ve got to wonder what someone’s hanging over MJ. If someone were going to drop a story that damages your credibility (gambling), wouldn’t you want to build up some great publicity first?


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