Ranking Michael Phelps Among All-Time Athletes

Maybe I’m victim to the moment. Maybe we all are.

Michael Phelps, though, proved himself this Olympics to be one of the 3 or 4 GREATEST athletetes of all-time, and without a doubt, the most accomplished athlete of all time.

There’s a big difference there. Because athletically, I’m still putting Phelps behind Ali and Bo Jackson, and even Jordan or Lebron. What they were able to do with their bodies is unmatched. Bo Jackson ran a sub-4 second 40 (look it up doubters). Jordan and Lebron had stupid hops for their heights. Ali was a freak. Phelps is a freak too, but he’s not quite above them athletically.

In terms of accomplishments, how can anybody argue that Phelps isn’t the greatest athlete ever? 22 golds? Let that sink in, and consider the next closest, for any event, has 9 gold medals. It’s essentially 22 championships. And he only gets a chance every 4 years. Even if there were 5 separate events in basketball, MJ wouldn’t have 22 golds FIGHT ME TWITTER.COM/CROSSOVERREPORT


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