OLYMPICS UPDATE: Police Do Controlled Explosion in Bathroom in the Middle of Basketball Game

Unofrtunately, this isn’t a dysentery joke having to do with the crap-water in Brazil.

Instead, during the Spain-Nigeria game today, police decided it was the right time to blow up a “suspicious bag” that had a tablet, jacket, and some socks in it. No fans were let into the game until it was all resolved, but journalists could stay, and the game went on.

Goodness, Rio, it doesn’t take a policing expert to know that maybe if some people can’t go in because they’ll blow up, maybe nobody should be in there? If the whole stadium’s going to blow up, let’s get everyone out of there. I don’t want Rudy Fernandez to blow up. I don’t want Michael Gbinije to blow up.

Try harder, thanks.


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