Apocalypse Update: NFL Won’t Let Cowboys Wear Helmet Sticker Honoring Fallen Cops

No Fun League strikes again!

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys wanted to do something special to memorialize the 5 Dallas police officers killed earlier this year, and to honor the 14 that were wounded. So, just as teams do for owners or other people within the game, they decided on a sticker with the Dallas Police logo on it, and the words “Arm in Arm”.

But of course, Goodell wasn’t going to let that fly. How dare anyone use their public stage to honor the brave men and women that protect our society! How dare a football team and football players have a voice of their own, independent of Roger!

I understand that with uniforms, leagues have to be very strict. Because you can open up a lot of doors by letting one guy or one team do one thing. But this? Or Deangelo Williams wanting to wear pink to honor his mother, who passed away from breast cancer 6 years ago? Really don’t get it, at all.

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