Australia’s Going to Whoop Our Asses in the 2020 Olympics

We don’t have the “Dream Team” any more in basketball, just a bunch of dudes who would hypothetically play well together. And for some reason, Draymond.

That became evident when Australia was giving us the business for a good amount of time last night. Joe Ingles and Aron Baynes laying it down on us. Even as we skated by, and got the W, am I the only one that notices Australia’s going to murder us in 2020?

Heaven only knows what our roster will be. There won’t even be a question about whether CP3, Bron, Melo, or Wade will play, because they won’t be. KD will be 31. Jimmy Butler will be 30. Only Kyrie will really be in his prime. Lillard should be on the team by then, but outside of that, what rising American stars do we have? Jordan Clarkson? Devin Booker? The only big men we’ll have outside of Anthony Daivs are Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. YAWN.

But then you look at Australia (and Canada too, but that’s an article for another day), and they’re about to have their own dream team. With Simmons, Thon, Dante Exum, and then role players scattered throughout the league and college basketball, this team’s going to be something nasty. And you think we’ll be able to compete with the likes of Justise Winslow?


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