Ex-Rams Player Didn’t Understand the “No Ladies in Your Room” Rule

Hard Knocks comes through again, this week giving us the insight on why Deon Long, a practice squad wide receiver who you’ll never hear about again, was cut from the Rams.

Jeff Fischer layed out the rules front and center at the beginning of camp, saying that no women were allowed in the players’ dorms. But what did Deon Longdong do? Brought home a girl, and got caught. Causing JF to ask “what didn’t you get about no girls in the dorms”?

Usually, I’d say it’s idiotic to not allow a grown man to have a lady back to his room. This isn’t college where you’re supposed to be in control of their entire life. But at the same time, maybe when you’re trying to get at the best a practice squad job, you should just blindly follow all the rules of the coach. Because now you have to go out and play in Philadelphia, and it’s going to be cold there in about 6 weeks.


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