Can Jesus Christ Hit a Curve? Tim Tebow Switching to Baseball

Quietly, for the past year, Timmy’s been out in Arizona and LA putting in work to try and become an outfielder for an MLB team.

Tebow hit almost .500 in his all-state high school career, and many coaches (including Urban Meyer), met Tebow on the baseball field during their foootball recruitment of him. All 30 teams will be invited to the Savior’s tryout later this month.

Tebow never had the mechanics to become a great quarterback, but think about all the crap QBs are in the league, with even worse locker room presences, and then tell me there’s not a spot for Tebow. You’re telling me the Browns couldn’t have used him? The Texans started Ryan Mallett for 4 games last year, but didn’t think Tebow deserved a shot? All the premadonnas in the league, but most of the teams didn’t want the most humble, level-headed guy in the history of sports? Fine.


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