KD: “I Got Too Much Attention in OKC”

Royce Young via ESPN’s always got the best OKC scoop, and he’s got a new one about why KD left OKC:

“Durant always appeared to be the perfect fit with Oklahoma City, with his humble nature and down-home demeanor. But he also was drawn to a bigger city, not necessarily for the brighter lights, but for the ability to blend. In Oklahoma City, Durant carried a larger-than-life burden everywhere he went. He’d privately lamented to friends an inability to be in public.”

We don’t realize that although it’s a smaller media market in OKC, that’s all they’ve got down there. So it’s intense intense intense about OKC 12 months of the year, whereas in San Fran you’ve got the A’s around, the Niners, Fashion (?), and a bridge, so it’s less pressure.

But at the same time, you’re 6’10”, and one of the 4 or 5 most recognizable stars in the NBA, so you’re not blending into a damn thing.



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