Ray Allen Could be the Celtics’ Missing Piece

Came out this week that the legendary Ray Allen’s seriously considering an NBA comeback. That was last year’s rumor too, but it never came to substance. Mostly just teams reaching out to Ray.

But now Ray’s reaching out to teams, and the Celtics are the early frontrunner.

And with Ray, we’re talking a team that could be moving towards an Eastern Conference Finals showdown.

It’s not even that Ray’s going to do a lot basketball-wise. Still the greatest shooter of all time? Of course (per usual, fight me twitter.com/paulielamb), but in his 2013-2014 season, he shot sub-40% from the field. What the C’s need is a vet that’s been to the playoffs before and won championships (was that cliche enough of analysis?).

Jesus (Shuttlesworth) is coming back, Boston.


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