Deadline Review: AL Central

Chicago White Sox: The southsiders biggest move was not making one, based on the fact that Jose Quintana and Chris Sale are still in Chicago to slice through opposing lineups (sorry.)  Despite Sale being linked with a number of big name contenders, no one could reach the hefty asking price, rumored to be five top level prospects.  With Sale under contract through 2019, it makes sense for the ChiSox to wait until they get exactly what they want for him, and the pool of teams to get him will only grow in the offseason as non contenders will try to elevate.  The Sox did deal Zach Duke to the Cardinals in return for 23 year old outfield prospect Charlie Tilson.

Grade: B Fans are probably a little disapointed to not get a haul of blue chippers that they could have for Sale or Quintana, but sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make.  The White Sox have plenty of time to find the right deal for them if they want to in the coming offseason or deadline.  Chicago was caught in an in between spot this deadline, not really contending for a playoff spot, but with the pieces to be in the conversation next season with the right offseason signings.

Kansas City Royals:  Swapped outfielders with the A’s by sending Brett Eibner for Billy Burns.  Kind of a microcosm of their entire season which seams plagued by a championship hangover.

Grade: C Didn’t do much at all but didn’t sell the farm.  Meh.

Minnesota Twins:  Swapped relievers with the Red Sox by sending Fernando Abad to Boston in return for 25 year old Pat Light.  A common sense move for both teams:  Red Sox get a more proven lefty specialist and the Twins get younger in a season that’s been laughably bad.  Made another pitching swap with the Angles by swapping Ricky Nolasco and Alex Meyer for Alan Busenitz and Hector Santiago.

Grade:  B  What are you gonna do here if you’re the Twins?  They’ve been hilariously bad all season and didn’t exactly have a lot of coveted pieces to move.  Did their job by getting a little younger and maybe made their most important move of all by firing GM Terry Rya on July 18.

Detroit Tigers:  Bueller? Anything? Literally did nothing.  Seemed poised to make a splash after pulling to within 3 games of the Indians despite a horrible start to the season, and just couldn’t find the right move to make despite being desperate for pitching.

Grade: D Had to be especially tough for Tigers fans to stomach considering they’ve seen Dealin’ Dave Dombrowski make huge deadline moves in years prior, but without DD, not being able to pull the trigger for ANYONE in the deadline is brutal, especially while the first place Indians went bananas.

Cleveland Indians:  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t high on the Tribe going into the deadline.  It’s hard to argue with that record and that pitching staff, but they’ve actually been a below .500 team in games outside of the weak AL central.  They went out and made a huge splash though, going all in on the season by getting Andrew Miller.

Grade A- Miller is a huge acquisition for this team and a big plus to their already loaded pitching staff, and games just got a lot shorter for opposing teams.  Maybe even more important than the actual signing of Miller was the statement that they’re all in, something backed up by the near miss on Jonathan Lucroy.  Tribe fans have to be excited seeing their first place team make moves to contend, especially with the opposite happening too many times in years prior.




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