Jay Cutler Takes High Road Against Bennett Brothers’ Cheap Shots

Hard for any of us Chicagoans to say, but my goodness did Jay Cutler make the right decision today.

Loudmouthed Bennett brothers Martellus and Michael Bennett are on an ESPN bender this week for some reason, and they both decided to attack Jay Cutler.

“I’d be wide open, and he’d throw it into double coverage,” said Martellus.

“Worst quarterback in the NFL”, said Michael.

Martellus Bennett had the best years of his career with Jay Cutler as quarterback. 128 targets, and 90 catches with 6 touchdowns in 2014 on the Bears are the reason he’s even still relevant. Actually, 128 targets were the 2nd most among TEs that year, behind Gronk. I’ve never been, and never will be a Cutler fan. But you can’t say he didn’t throw you the ball a buttload, my man.

And then Michael Bennett? Going too far to try and stand with his brother, because he’s forgetting that Jimmy Clausen’s still in the league.

Overall, neither of you are on the Bears, or should be seeing the Bears as a threat. Why go out of your way to beat down on a guy that has nothing to do with you anymore? Maybe they have a crush on Jay, and he turned down their advances?


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