Al Sharpton’s Pissed at Team USA’s Hoops Housing

For some reason, TMZ‘s following around Al Sharpton, and then even further down the rabbit hole, they’re asking him what he thinks about Team USA not staying in the Olympic Village, but rather in their own dope cruise ship.

“It’s straight up un-American…They should be roughing it with the other Americans in the Olympic Village.”

Obviously, it’s a stupid comment. Yes, it’s weird that they don’t stay with everyone else, but they’ve also never stayed in the Olympic Village since they switched to pros in 1992. They’re the most expensive group of athletes there (don’t even talk to me about the soccer players, it’s not even close), and probably have the most expensive stuff out of all of them. I don’t think KD wants the 30 pairs of shoes he probably brought with stolen by somebody fake vomiting on him.


wade screenshot



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