Rolando McClain Drank 40 Pounds of Sizzurp This Offseason

Via Bleacher Report and Complex

Jerry Jones talks a lot about 2nd chances, and what his Father taught him about second chances, and tough 1950s Texas love. Which is why he’s brought on the Greg Hardys and Rolando Mcclains of the NFL.

But now, Rolando’s baggage isn’t the heaviest thing he’s carrying with him.

According to both of those sources above, McClain’s 40 pound weight gain, and 10 game suspension, are both the results of his purple drank obsession.

I sided with Randy Gregory last week, and although I don’t want too be on Rolando’s side here, I feel like somebody should be. He’s been on his own since he was 15 years old, when his mother tried to kill him with a knife, forcing him to leave. Somebody burned down his mansion. He went back to Alabama to try and finish his degree in family financial planning after he retired at age 23. Overall, I can’t find it in me to call him a terrible human being.




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