Draymond’s Little Guy Gets Some Big Air Time

I’m already uncomfortable with this story, let’s tough it out together and sum it all up at the start: Draymond Green put his business on his Snapchat story, and then claimed he was hacked. Obviously, a damn lie.

Rule #1 of life, don’t send pictures of your junk while you’re around literally 15 other dudes, some of whom you’re likely sharing a hotel room with.

And then rule #1 of being in the NBA, you’re a feaking NBA player so it’s doubtful you need to be sending below the belt pictures to pick up ladies.

But like I said in the article regarding the slapping, Draymond can be an absolute child. He’s allowed to kick and scream with no repercussions. He’s a 26 year old going to college bars. He’s an NBA “superstar” that doesn’t understand nobody wants unsolocited pictures of his bedangadang.


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