Michigan’s New Unis Prove How Certain Logos Make Anything Cool

The numbers are big af.

There’s no real character to them.

Most high school programs have more uniqueness to their jerseys than this.

But damn, when you slap the Jordan logo on these new Michigan football uniforms, none of that matters:

michigan jumpman football.jpg

Michigan’s the first football team to don the Jumpman brand and logo, just another recruiting chip for Harbaugh. If you’re giving me the option between Wisconsin, an Adidas school, and Michigan, a Jordan school, I’m taking Michigan every single time, based solely on the look. Because even though these won’t go down as all-time great jerseys, they’re the only ones with the Jordan logo on them, which automatically make them the best in the nation.

And if I’m in the Big Ten, or really the whole country, Michigan’s returning to a program that’s going to terrify you on the recruiting trail. I don’t care if you’re Urban Meyer or Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh just added another weapon to his recruiting arsenal. He already had the best coach’s personality, and within 5 years he’ll have the college accomplishments to hold his own on that front.

Hail to the Jumpman.


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