OLYMPICS UPDATE: Uninhabitable Barracks, Armed Kidnappings, 450K Condoms

10 days away from Opening Ceremonies, and if that last Olympics article we had didn’t pump you up, then I’ve got some quick hits that came at us in droves over the past week.


The Australian delegation walked in the rooms, and said nooooope.


According to their boss, Kitty Chiller, the plumbing doesn’t work, there are exposed wires, the stairwells have 0 lights, and the pipes leak. They spent $1.5 billion just on these buildings, which is astronomical.

They put 7 swimming pools, soccer pitches, and tennis courts, but you have to ask why? Are they expecting that the day before he runs the 100m, and Phelps swims the 200 free, they’re going to be out on the tennis courts? None of these athletes are about to jeopardize their chance at a a medal for some pick up games.


Worries on security have been present since the get go. Rio police say they don’t have the resources to properly protect the Olympians, and I believe them.

Just this week, a New Zealand jiu jitsuer (spellcheck thanks) got kidnapped by two fellars with big guns, that took him to an ATM and drained his account.

Kevin Durant won’t be in danger. Missy Franklin won’t be in danger. The big names will be just alright, there’s no doubt. But it’s the names you haven’t heard of in the sports you won’t watch that are at risk. Bob Costas will be okay, but maybe not the writer from some small Finnish newspaper.

450,000 CONDOMS

MASSIVE story every Olympics about the rampant sex that’s going on in the Village. Makes sense when you think about it. Bunch of athletes that are in the best shape of their lives, having stressed out the last 4 years (at least) to try and make it to this moment. Once their event’s over, you can’t blame them for letting loose.

But remember that Zika thing? And how it can be sexually transmitted? Maybe 450,000 condoms will be overkill. That’s what comes supplied within the Village, and equals to around 42 per person.



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